Monday, 4 February 2013

Our School Year Has Begun!!!!!!!!

We are a group of 27 Year 2/3 We started in room 1 today. We had lots of fun learning about our teacher and each other. We also played Bingo, read and understood our Glenbrae Treaty. We know that it is important to always be gentle,kind and caring. We need to remember to always have kind hands, kind feet and kind words.

We are getting ready for our number cards to play Bingo. We were waiting very quietly.In our library corner  there are some our new friends that we could take and read a story to. We have to treat our new friends with care, gently, show them kindness and always be helpful in returning them to their home.


  1. Hi Room 1,
    Great to see you all with big smiles, ready for learning and having fun! Wonderful to hear that you are learning about the Glenbrae School Treaty - it helps to keep our school a safe and happy environment if we remember the Treaty.
    Happy learning everyone!
    Tsana (Robin & Karl's mum)

  2. My word Room 1 - it looks as if you are learning so much even on your first day back at school. Have a fantastic year.

  3. I love all your soft animals on the couch. I hope they are are listening to Mrs Greenham too!