Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Street Smart

We worked with Constable Jude learning about how to look after ourselves on the road and how to stay safe. We all became Policemen and Policewomen so we knew what to tell others about keeping safe. 

We know it is important to know our addresses and phone numbers. 

With Constable Julie we learned to cross the road looking both ways and even stop at corners to take care in the playground.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Learning at Dance

We  are learning lots of new dance routines. We have to follow our instructors. The music is loud and we keep in time with the music

Monday, 9 November 2015

Golf Today

We were learning to hit the golf balls further today. Our Coach
helped us with our technique. Victoria is trying very hard here. A great swing Victoria !

More Golf Fun in Week 4

Look at us trying our golf swings. We used bigger clubs and our coach gave us lots of instruction and showed us how to hit the ball.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Good times at Golf Practise

Our class is having weekly Golf Lessons It is such fun. We roll the ball at the hole targets and then we practise putting with the putters. We are also going to use other clubs outside. We play a game for a warm up first.

We have to listen carefully to our coach before we start using the equipment

Sunny and Ngaire are rolling the ball. Sunny is trying to hit the circle target with his ball.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Having the Greatest Fun with the Duffy Theatre

We all watched a special funny show about reading books and going to the Library. The actors were great and made us laugh so much. In the end the girl in the story loved reading better than watching TV and got her mother to get her a library card so she could get lots of different books out of the library.

They were great actors and kept us entertained and laughing all the time

This was the Librarian and she was trying to find books that were interesting to others

Friday, 30 October 2015

At Kiwi Can Learning More about Respect and Resilience in Term 4

Today we learnt a new games at Kiwi Can. It was called the number game. We were given a number in our circle then we had to run around in our circle. When we stopped we had to number off again from 1 calling out our number and standing up.

We have also learnt to identify what we find hard at school Some of these things are skipping, doing a back-flip, hard words and listening. We said that we know they are hard for us because "we are still learning" BUT we must never give up-Keep On- Trust Yourself- Listen to your teacher-

Mr Numia asked "When we find something hard to do, should we give up?  No NO have Resilience.

Term 4 Room 1

Room 1 now has 27 children all working hard and trying hard with their learning and manners. We have been busy settling into Term 4 and some of our new students from Room 4 have been settling in but we are all trying to work hard together. We are all trying to earn lots of buttons for our rewards jar.

Here we all are with our new classmate and buddy We call her Koramarie Leybourne and she is the same age as us.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Mr Numia finds the "star of the day" from Kiwi Can

We answer lots of questions in Kiwi Can. We have to listen very hard and think but most of us always know the answers.

                                            Jaydin is answering the questions about challenges

                                           Here Mr Numia is looking for the "Star from our Lesson"

                                           and our Star is Gideon Wow the twins did well at Kiwi Can

Monday, 7 September 2015

More Challenges with Kiwi Can

Kiwi Can says "I am resilient and I am strong, I face my challenges, bring them on.
When times get rough I don't despair, I bounce back up and persevere.

We have many games activities in Kiwi Can. We played "jump in, jump out, look up, look down, wriggle wriggle turn around."

Kiwi Can Teaches us about Challenges

We have lots of fun at Kiwi Can. Mr Numia asks us questions about challenges and we explained that it means having 'resilience"

We all know our special songs "Kiwi Can Says-
                                        Step Up Your Game
                                         To get you there
                                         Challenges we face
                                          We will not fear

Thursday, 3 September 2015

MMMMM Lets Clean our Teeth !! Look after our Teeth!1

Miss Cynthia came to school to talk to us about caring for our teeth and looking after our gums. She told us how important it is for us to eat healthy foods. She also held an important Home School Partnership Meeting to talk to our parents about the importance of looking after our teeth.
We wrote letters to our parents asking them to come to the Home School Partnership so that they would learn how to help us to look after our teeth and gums so that we always have healthy teeth

Lots of our parents came to listen to Miss Cynthia give us all the important facts about looking after our teeth. We had lots to listen to and also had a sausage sizzle. 

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Learning how important it is 'take care of ourselves'

We have been working with Constable Jud learning about how to keep ourselves safe.

We have to know our address and phone number to help us learn our addresses and phone numbers we wrote out the street and street number. We made a letterbox so we could paste our addresses and phone numbers on them and decorate them.

Here is Joshua working hard on his letterbox. He picked a grey shoebox and cut a hole in the front to post the letters. He put a roof on the top and a hollow ring to put other brochures and newspapers in. He decorated his letterbox with words and colourings and stars.

Here is Ali Joh. He is writing out his address and phone number for his letterbox. He chose a black letter box and put a red roof on it.
Here are some of our wonderful letterboxes. We worked hard but we still have to remember our addresses and phone numbers so we can tell others if we ever got lost.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Our Poetry Reading

Nine children from our class read poems on the stage to the rest of the school during the School's Poetry Reading. All classes took a turn to read to the whole school. 

Everyone listened very well. We spoke very clearly and using lots of expression. We were very excited and we enjoy all taking a turn.

Monday, 31 August 2015

More from our Tuesday Cooking Club

We had a lot of yummy tacos and heaps to eat. We will make Mexicalli  Burritos next time with a healthy salad.

Wow look at this great cooking book I wonder who is going to keep the best recipes and notes and have lots of great illustrations in their book too.

Candice has worked hard so she enjoys sitting quietly after all her preparation and enjoying her tacos.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Cooking Club

We have been cooking many different dishes in our cooking club. Last week we made hot-dogs. We had to toast the buns, cook the onions, cook the sausages, butter the buns. We did this in our groups and then put our hot dogs together.

This week we made Nachos and put baked beans and tinned tomatoes in with our Mexicalli Mince flavour.
The Nachos were covered with our lovely mixture. We had to brown the mince and add all the ingredients. After we covered our nachos with our yummy mixture we added cheese to the top. It was hot so this made the cheese melt.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Our Class Assembly

This week it was our turn to take the school assembly. Soane lead the assembly by doing the presenting. He was an excellent presenter.

He had a lot to read and he did so well, just like the rest of us. Everyone said we were fabulous

We showed our letterboxes. Our letter boxes are made from shoeboxes and we decorate them and write our address and phone number on them. This helps us remember our address and phone number which is important as we are learning from Constable Jud about 'How to Keep Ourselves Safe'. We were able to tell the students in assembly what our address and phone numbers were.


After that we sang a song about Walking safely around the neighbourhood and crossing the road carefully.

This was an action song and we sang it really well and did all the actions. At the end we had to say "Stop!Cross when the road is clear"

Here we are showing how your must look right then left and cross when the road is clear.

We also sung a Maori song "Turi Turi" It was an action song. You can see us turning in the photo.

Lastly after all the certificates had been presented some of read the play "The Three Billy Goats Gruff"
The troll was really scary but the Billy Goats were able to cross the bridge safely.

We did many different activities for our assembly. We worked hard and it was lots of fun!!!

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Our Maths Problem Solving

We have been working with partners and groups to do lots of problem solving in Maths. This way we learn heaps and have to try to work out the answers together.
 We get to whisper to each other about what we are doing and how we get the answer. We do lots of sharing and get to work with a lot of materials.

Here we are working in our group with our partners. At the end we had another problem to solve.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Our Inquiry Day - Inquiry Continues

We are still making some comparisons this term with our country of study and  the places in New Zealand where those people from the country settled.

We will be looking at the landscapes, buildings and foods of Scotland as well as some of the pastimes of the Scottish people. We will compare this with Dunedin and some other parts of New Zealand.

Our Inquiry Day from Last Terms Studies

The soldier in salute
We all presented our Inquiry Studies from our last terms work which was on The Anzac Memorials for the 100 Years Remembrance and the countries where our some of our Grandparents. We are also studying the areas in New Zealand that that were settled by them. For example we are looking at ScoTland. We studied where the country is and then looked at Dunedin as a lot of Scots settled in Dunedin. Room 5 studied France and looked at Akaroa on the Peninsula near Christchurch. This study also helps us know many regions in New Zealand. We are continuing to study our special country this term.

This is a display on the French Festivals. We can see what French people like to celebrate and how they celebrate.

Look at our great work that was displayed in the hall for our parents to view, We all got to look at all the other classes work too and learn a lot from each classes presenters.
Work displayed on World War One

Our Remberance Poppies and World War 1 and World War 11 vehicles. We made sketches and collage pictures

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Why is it important to do our home reading-Lots of reading during the holidays-

In Room 1 we did a lot of reading in the holidays. We each took home a yellow form and most of us bought them back to school with the list of books that we had read during the holidays. Mrs Greenham and Mrs Kelly were so pleased.

It is important to do our reading at home because:

It helps us remember and use what we did in class-

It helps us with our spelling and to be be able to read with expression

It helps us read fluently and to recognise words

It helps us sound through words

It helps us to look at the meaning of the story and think if what we are reading makes sense

There are so many reasons to do our reading !!!

All our reading lists of the books we read in the holidays.

Can you think of some other reasons for doing lots of reading at home.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Tuesday Club Day -Senior Cooking Club

Senior Cooking meets in the staffroom to cook with Mrs Greenham. We are all cooking for the healthy Cooking Club.

Our first cooking time we made stuffed baked potatoes. Once our potatoes were cooked we had to cut them in half.

We then scooped out the middle of the potato making sure did it carefully so we still had the potato skin to put the mixture back into.We mixed the potato insides with the bacon that Baden had cut up and cooked for us and also the spring onions that Candice cut up. We added a little bit of milk, cottage cheese and cream cheese. We had a good stir of all the ingredients in the bowl.

We had to watch and listen carefully to instructions so that we knew what to do

Mixing all the ingredients together

Once we had filled our potatoes skin with all the ingredients we sprinkled cheese over the top. 
We put these back in the oven to bake and warm up so that the cheese melted.
They tasted yummy and we had a big feast.