Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Discussing our teeth cleaning and looking at pictures

We looked at lots of different pictures on teeth and all the cleaning and eating we can do to keep our teeth and gums healthy
We wrote stories together about how we keep our teeth clean and healthy

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Hands on for Intensive Oral Language

Mrs Adcock showing us the contents of the Chocolate cake mixture 
This morning we looked at lots of food products All the Junior School were put into seven groups and we went from table to table with our teacher. We looked at how much sugar was in our foods and what is written on the packets and jars We had to guess what foods had more sugar. It was really fun. We looked at raw sugar and salt too.
Looking at the marmite and jam

                                          Miss Lily showing us the Tomato Sauce and the chocolate bar.
                                          She is reading the 'Contents"on the Mayonnaise Jar

                                          Here is the Cocoa Cola. It has one cup of sugar in it.

                                        We saw and could touch lots of different foods and look
                                           at packets. This is all of us moving from table to table. 
                                        We all learnt heaps with our eyes, ears and listening to our
                                            teachers as well as being able to touch the goodies on 
                                                                      the tables.

Learning about keeping our teeth clean

We had many talks and demonstrations on learning to keep our teeth clean

We all got a tooth brush kit and Mrs Ropata showed us how to brush our teeth properly. Mrs Walbridge is a dental hygienist and she came to school and talked to our whole school about keeping our teeth clean and using dental floss

Learning about Healthy Foods

We have been learning about healthy foods and the correct foods to eat. We looked at different foods and pictures of food We wrote stories together and discussed our ideas. We have also read many stories about eating healthy foods.

Tae Kwon Do

Richie using a strong kick at the wooden plank
We had lots of fun and learnt to kick high and break pieces of wood in Tae Kwon Do. Our teacher had a black belt and taught us many controlled skills We had to practice these then on the last lesson we put them altogether.
Penelope kicking at the wooden plate to snap it

Our Intensive Language Groups on Healthy Eating

This morning we were all in groups and went around our different teachers to discuss what is in our foods. We looked on packets to find out what is in the food -if there is sugar or food colouring or all the healthy ingredients too. We talked and looked a lot and we wrote a story together in our group

Monday, 27 October 2014

Our Assembly

We are learning about healthy eating We have looked at different vegetables and fruits in our Intensive Oral Language Program. We could even have a taste of the different vegetables

In class we made plates with balanced food pictures. We had protein, vegetables and carbohydrates on the plate. We showed our plates at assembly and showed a hop dance to show what we do for exercise. We know that you need exercise as well as a balanced diet for a balanced life


Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Our Hungry Giant Narratives

Bommy Knockers by Tupoe

The Giants hit the beehive with their bommy knockers and kill the bees.

Taking the Honey by Penelope

The Giants go back and take all the honey from the bees

We drew the honey pots and described the honey

More Bread by Keio
The Giants need more bread and they want more bread. They find some more bread and they share it with each other.

Happy Giants by Lewis
The Giants had run home. They ate their dinner together and they feel happy.

Scared Giants by Shining
The Giants were scared of the bees. Next the bees zoomed out and the Giants ran all the way back to the village but they had very sore bottoms from where the bees stung them. They had to go to the doctor.

Zooming Bees by Richie
The Bees zoomed out of the Beehives and followed the Giants all the way home 
Our Hungry Giants Village with all the Village People

The Hungry Giant

Part of the village where the Hungry Giants were:

We made a village with Whaea Grace and Mrs Greenham for our  film story.

We also wrote Narrative Endings to the story so that we had solved a problem for our Giants or the Bees or the Villagers

We discussed all the words we would need for our story and had a brainstorm and a wordbank that we could use while we were writing
We all shared ideas about what could happen in our narrative at the end -what the problem was and how this could be overcome or solved
Mrs Greenham wrote these ideas as a model for us and we read them over -we shared our ideas orally with each other
We wrote our own narrative with the use of the wordbank topic words, word card and from all the modelling and sharing our ideas with our partners before we wrote

THE GIANTS RUN AWAY by Kue'a Ma'asai
The Giant saw the beehives and the giants smashed the beehive and then the bees came and chased the Giant and the bees stang the Giants bottom. The Giants held onto their bottoms and ran and ran and kept running forever far away.

The people look everywhere for the honey but they saw a beehive. Instead of getting some honey the Giants told the people to break up the beehives then the angry bees came out of the beehive and had nowhere to live.


Listening to our Kiwisport coach.

The Yellow Team

The Red Team

Kiwisport has started for Room 1