Thursday, 21 February 2013

Go wheels Go-On our Scooters

We push around our scooters, scoot,scoot,scoot,off we go
One foot,push,One foot push, scoot,scoot,scoot,off we go

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Riding our Wheels

We had lots of fun on our wheels. We had to remember to wear our helmets and make sure we didn't bump into each other.Some of us played it real safe with our arm and leg protectors too.

Here we are getting ready to ride our bikes

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Our Fun Activities

Here we are participating in our activities. We were running to fill up our house coloured bins so that we could be the winning house.

Water Fun Day

On Monday it was water fun day. We went around the activities in our classes, but we got points for our houses. We had six different activities to rotate around. We did the Water Slide, Running with Water and putting on bands, Zig-Zag the cones, Walk the Plank. We had to put the water in the coloured bin that was for our house. Our house colours are blue, green, red and yellow.
Here we are setting off to walk with our banner around the courts and line up.

Wheels Day

Wheels Day arrived bright and sunny. We all had brought our bikes and scooters. Some people bought toy cars and trucks and even skateboards.Here we are lining up with our wheels and a partner as we share our wheels. We went to the carpark area at the front of the school.

Having Fun

Here we all are doing all the different activities and running with the water to fill up our house bins for Water Fun Day. We all joined in and tried our best. Most of all we had lots of fun.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Life Education Caravan - Harold is Fun

We did lots of activities when we went to the Life Education Caravan. We got some interesting work books and they tell us more about what we have been learning on how to care for others and how to be a good friend. There are lots of fun fulled learning pages in our booklets.
Here Pelenise and Glyn are learning to look after their special friend. We also had a dance and songs that we learnt and enjoyed.
We had to wait quietly for Harold to come and talk to us. He also showed us a movie on how to play safely and how to ride our bikes safely, making sure we wear a helmet
Here we are inside the Life Education Caravan

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Life Education Caravan

It was very exciting to visit the Life Education Caravan. We had to take a special friend to look after.
We showed our friend how to eat, drink and breath. Our friends were birds or animals and they lived on a special tree.
We had to pick them off the tree and look after them. Once Harold starting talking to us we put them back in their homes.

On Monday we went to visit the Life Education Caravan. We learnt about the important elements to keep our body healthy....WATER.....FOOD ........THE AIR THAT WE BREATH........
Harold came and taught us a song about these three elements. After he has been with us Harold often has difficulty going back down his stairs to his home

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Our Studies on Transport

We all went to assembly on Monday morning to find out about our Transport Study. The teachers all brought along something on Transport to show us. Mrs Greenham rode her bike to school. Some of us had a turn on the bike and we all looked at the parts of the bike.
It was great because we were able to draw the bike and name the parts of the bike.We also made a list of the other types of transport that the teachers told us about.
We tried the helmet on. It is important to wear the helmet to protect our head and brains.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A Great Day

We had a great day at school yesterday. Today is our first day swimming and we will learn about our treaty and how to keep our good manners as well as some artwork and even maths with a little time on "Fun bingo"

Monday, 4 February 2013

A Great Day at School

We had such a fun day at school. We are going to keep reading  and we may even play Bingo for our warm up. 

Our School Year Has Begun!!!!!!!!

We are a group of 27 Year 2/3 We started in room 1 today. We had lots of fun learning about our teacher and each other. We also played Bingo, read and understood our Glenbrae Treaty. We know that it is important to always be gentle,kind and caring. We need to remember to always have kind hands, kind feet and kind words.

We are getting ready for our number cards to play Bingo. We were waiting very quietly.In our library corner  there are some our new friends that we could take and read a story to. We have to treat our new friends with care, gently, show them kindness and always be helpful in returning them to their home.