Thursday, 19 February 2015

Our Swimming

Room One has been enjoying lots of swimming lessons. We are learning to hold our boards properly.We are learning to kick with straight legs and blow bubbles. We have to listen hard to Mrs Greenham and Mrs Kelly. We are so lucky because Mrs Dee is teaching us too. 
Mrs Dee makes sure we use our kick boards properly and our legs are straight.
We hold onto the rail and try to float 
Mrs Dee sometimes pulls along our kick-board
Here is Gideon practising his arm strokes with the board

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

More Stories by Us

Our Wet Fun Day Stories

Sponges by Tui
Water Fun Day was fun. I did passing the sponges.

Sliding by Mayleah
I like when I went to the slide. It was fun.

Cups of Water by Gideon
Today is Water Fun Day. I went down the water slide and put cups of water in the bins.

Fun By Tempest
Water Fun Day was fun.
The slide was slippery.

Down the Slide              
By Renata
I went to the slide and I
went down.

I Got  Wet  by Pinomi
Today is Monday and it was
Water Fun Day and I got

A   Perfect Day by
Today  was perfect. It was
fun because it was Water
Fun Day. We were running and splashing ourselves. We               We were wet.   

We are Unique - The Life Education Caravan

We are learning about our bodies and everything that keeps us healthy.....sleep......healthy and caring........being clean......

We went to the Life Education Caravan and we learnt lots about being healthy and happy. Harold talked to us and sang to us. We say action songs.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Who is this????

Guess what house Mrs Kelly is in?? Is it Kauri? Is it Kowhai? Is it Nikau or is it Rata !!!!!!

Our Stories and Photos on Wet Fun Day

On t    
   Th     Slide By Penelope
I like playing on the slide. I like sliding down. It had water.
Fun by Mason

Water Fun Day was fun because we put lots of water in the bins for our houses.

Water Fun Day by Jodacei
Today, Monday, the water slide was fun.
Cups  by  Jack
Today on Monday, we had our Water Fun Day. We had partners to hold each cup. Then we bought water in each of our cups.

On the Plank by Jayden
On Monday it was Water Fun Day. I had a cup in my hand and I walked across the plank.

Fun on the slide by Maria
When we were playing with the water we had lots of fun. We had lots of fun on the slide.
It was fun. It was like doing swimming.

The Winners  By Joshua
On Monday we had lots of water fun. We went down the slide. Rata and Kauri won.

Running to the Bins by Ngaire
Today is Monday. It is Water Fun Day. We ran to the bins with some cups of water. We ran to our friends.

Lots of Fun by Jino

Today I had a good time. The best time was the slide


Monday, 9 February 2015

Water Fun Day

Today, Monday, we had Water Fun Day. We had lots of water activities. The slide was slippery and you slide down holding a cup of water. There was running with sponges and zig-zagging with the plastic water holder. We also were holding hands and running with two cups to take the water to our house bin. We went under chairs holding a bottle of water and over benches with a cup. All the water went into our coloured house bins.
Here we are getting ready to go to the different activities. We are in our house lines and singing our house chants.

The Beginning of our Year

We are starting our year learning about days and dates and the months of the year. We are looking at the Calendar for February. We work with a partner and we help each other with our learning. We often say things over to each other, listening to each other to make sure it is correct. We check each others work. We can work in groups and use games and other activities. That helps us all with our learning.