Monday, 5 May 2014

Lots of Activities for us at the zoo

                                       We played on the climbing frames and the walking logs.

                                                       Hanging onto the spider web ropes.

                                                     The alligator watched and watched us
                                         We were all tired on the way home We got tired out

                                         The Tuatara went to sleep once we left the zoo, too!!!!!

                                                   We said "Good-bye to our new zoo friends".
                                                    We thought they were so so amazing.

More Fun At the Zoo

                                 Look at what else we learnt at the zoo.Do you know these animals?

                            What is this swimming in the water? Showing off to all of us!!!!!!!!!


More animals at the Zoo

We had so much fun at the zoo. We saw the kiwi and kiwi egg. Our Zoo teacher shared many interesting facts.

Here is a Pukeko. The Pukekos were near us in the bush when we were eating our lunch. The mother Pukeko was giving her baby some food too.

All the animals at the zoo

We saw lots of different animals at the zoo We were able to tell our teachers lots of interesting ideas and words we learnt from out trip to the zoo. We painted fantastic pictures and found out many interesting facts about the animal and animals we painted.

Wow we saw so many animals at the zoo. They were amazing. We are going to share all our information with the other classes on our Inquiry Day on Thursday in Term 2

Our Busy 1st Term 1

Room One worked so hard during the first term We had many exciting programmes. We saw lots of different trees and birds when we went to the zoo.

We went for a walk for in the bush and bush area.We saw the wood-pigeon and Kaka and the green, green parrot