Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Mr Numia finds the "star of the day" from Kiwi Can

We answer lots of questions in Kiwi Can. We have to listen very hard and think but most of us always know the answers.

                                            Jaydin is answering the questions about challenges

                                           Here Mr Numia is looking for the "Star from our Lesson"

                                           and our Star is Gideon Wow the twins did well at Kiwi Can

Monday, 7 September 2015

More Challenges with Kiwi Can

Kiwi Can says "I am resilient and I am strong, I face my challenges, bring them on.
When times get rough I don't despair, I bounce back up and persevere.

We have many games activities in Kiwi Can. We played "jump in, jump out, look up, look down, wriggle wriggle turn around."

Kiwi Can Teaches us about Challenges

We have lots of fun at Kiwi Can. Mr Numia asks us questions about challenges and we explained that it means having 'resilience"

We all know our special songs "Kiwi Can Says-
                                        Step Up Your Game
                                         To get you there
                                         Challenges we face
                                          We will not fear

Thursday, 3 September 2015

MMMMM Lets Clean our Teeth !! Look after our Teeth!1

Miss Cynthia came to school to talk to us about caring for our teeth and looking after our gums. She told us how important it is for us to eat healthy foods. She also held an important Home School Partnership Meeting to talk to our parents about the importance of looking after our teeth.
We wrote letters to our parents asking them to come to the Home School Partnership so that they would learn how to help us to look after our teeth and gums so that we always have healthy teeth

Lots of our parents came to listen to Miss Cynthia give us all the important facts about looking after our teeth. We had lots to listen to and also had a sausage sizzle. 

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Learning how important it is 'take care of ourselves'

We have been working with Constable Jud learning about how to keep ourselves safe.

We have to know our address and phone number to help us learn our addresses and phone numbers we wrote out the street and street number. We made a letterbox so we could paste our addresses and phone numbers on them and decorate them.

Here is Joshua working hard on his letterbox. He picked a grey shoebox and cut a hole in the front to post the letters. He put a roof on the top and a hollow ring to put other brochures and newspapers in. He decorated his letterbox with words and colourings and stars.

Here is Ali Joh. He is writing out his address and phone number for his letterbox. He chose a black letter box and put a red roof on it.
Here are some of our wonderful letterboxes. We worked hard but we still have to remember our addresses and phone numbers so we can tell others if we ever got lost.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Our Poetry Reading

Nine children from our class read poems on the stage to the rest of the school during the School's Poetry Reading. All classes took a turn to read to the whole school. 

Everyone listened very well. We spoke very clearly and using lots of expression. We were very excited and we enjoy all taking a turn.