Friday, 7 March 2014

Our Native Bush Study

We are looking at all the trees, ferns and other plants that grow in our NZ native bush. There are many insects and little creatures that live in the bush. Lots of beautiful birds that live in the bush. We are seeing how these plants and creatures all live together and how they survive and how we could survive in the bush too.
The trees all have special names and Maori names. We can see how the Maori people lived in and off the bush and the great use they had for it.

Here we are looking at different leaves from the trees in the bush. We see Rimu, Totorua, Kauri and Pohutukawa.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Following class rules and the Glenbrae School Treaty

We are learning to be kind and considerate and always look after each other. When we use kind hands, kind words and feet in our class we get rewarded. We have lots of fun activities we can chose from. We can get extra swim time.
We have been reading the different sentences from "Our Treaty" each day. When we choose the right behaviour and manners and show that special kindness we are all happy . Here we are doing our special activities for our special actions. Well done Room One

Monday, 3 March 2014

Water Fun Day

 Here are some of our stories for water fun day .

We had lots of activities and had heaps of fun !!!! 

We put water in the bin for our team and then we ran back 
by Mason

On Friday, this week we had a water fun day It was fun. by Joshua

I run and run. My best activity was the water slide because I slide on my tummy. 
by Lewis                                              
Run! Run! Run!

My favourite part is the waterslide.
By Jane

My favourite part was the slide because I slide on my tummy and it was fun.
by Anastacia 

Listening to teachers instructions

 I liked the sponge in the water, it was fun.
by Richie

I got wet and we put water in the bin for our team and then we ran back
Ready to go
 by Ngakiri