Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Our Prints

My Train by Shahera

My train is orange, dark green, with a little bit of blue. I cut the shape from card.  I rolled ink onto it.
I put white paper over the top and pressed the shape onto it.

My Print is Car by George

The colour of my print is blue,yellow, orange. I cut card and stuck it on my cardboard and I rolled my colour on my template and I put clean paper over the top and I rolled over the paper.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Our Great Colourful Prints

We made prints of different vehicles. We could pick any vehicle we wanted to make the shape from cardboard and stick it onto another piece to make a template.

We discussed how we made the template and the did the prints then we wrote about what we did

My Print by Trent
my print is made of cardboard shapes. I used an octagon and a square and I cut out the windows to make it look like a boat. I coloured the boat green and yellow with the ink. I put on the white paper and rolled the shape onto it.

My Fantastic Green Car by Margaret
I cut out the windows and I cut out the wheels and I used glue to stick it onto the card. I rolled it with it and then I got clean white paper and pressed the shape onto it and then I had my fantastic green car.

My Aeroplane from Mahaleah
My print is an aeroplane. I put on windows and doors then I rolled on ink and put clean white paper onto and rolled the print onto the white paper.