Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The Manaiakalani Film Festival

Room 1 Glenbrae from KPE TV on Vimeo.


  1. Hi Room 1,
    WOW!! Your class has been to the Museum well I really want to go there. I loved how your class taught us those great games. Did you like going to the Museum. I really liked your dancing and you have very great enthusiasm in you. Keep It Up Room 1.

    From Sela at Pt England School

  2. hi Room1,

    I really like how you learn to do the string WAS IT REALLY HARD TO MAKE THE STRING? The thing I like about your movie is when your class did the Museum song. I hope I can go to the Museum some day?.
    From Asena in room13 in point england school.

  3. Hi Room 1,

    I really enjoyed your movie so much.Who mad your movie with you?.I wish i could go to the museum it has been a long time.The bit I liked about your movie is the girl who yawned.

    From Nikita

  4. "Hi Room 1,

    Who helped you's? I really liked your enthusiasm It was funny!! I really don't remember when the last time I went to the museum. Was it hard to learn the Maori song?

  5. Hi room 1,
    You have a cool movie about the museum. How tricky were the string game ? I wished I can go to the museum next year.

    From Puawai

  6. Hi Room 1,
    Wow!! That was so amazing for me watch you guys are just like me when I was young because I loved to play "Nuckle bones" and even string games. Well I hope you make more Moveis because that was the best I ever saw.

  7. Hi Room One

    I love your movie. It sounds like you enjoy going to the museuin. I've been to the museim and I had alot of fun. Was it hard to learn your new song?

    keep up the good work

  8. Hi room one I liked your dancing and sing.did you have a good time at the museum?I have not been at the museum for a long time.

  9. Hello Room 1,

    I loved your guys movie it was really interesting and enjoyable,Well I wish I went to the Museum to,
    The game I really liked was The string Game because it looked really tricky I would like to try it out one day.

    As you were singing and dancing around it felt like those other days ago but I really loved you movie.

    Who took that lovely movie? WELL DONE ON THAT PERSON.

    From Mao

  10. Hi room 1,

    Did you enjoy acting in your movie? your movie is so cool! I really liked how you guys were dancing at the end. there were some very funny parts in there.

  11. Hi room 1,
    That was fabulous you did an amazing job so how tricky were the string games? and who help you make up a song ? I wish i went to the museum it will be lot of fun

  12. Hi Room One Number One,
    I really enjoyed your Film Festival. Did you guys make that movie all by yourself? You know when you were making your string, was it hard? All your voices sounded great when you guys were singing.... You should be on X Factor. I Haven't been to the Museum in a very long time. Keep Up the Great Film Festivals.

    From Mary Room 13 Pt England School

  13. hi how do you feel when you were presenting your show I beet it feels cool to present a show :)

    have a good day going to film festival

  14. Hi I like your movie good work. What else did you learn at the museum and was it fun? I like how you played with the string and you guys are good with knuckle bones.

  15. hi room one

    that was a amazing act but mostly I loved the end how you all stared dancing that was so cute

  16. Hi I like your movie good work. What else did you learn at the museum and was it fun? I like how you played with the string and you guys are good with knuckle bones.

  17. Hi room 1,
    I really like your movie about going to the Museum because, you kids looked so cute and funny.I really love the part how your class was playing with all sorts of hand games and that.My favorite game that some people was playing with was Knuckle-Bones.
    Did you have fun making that movie and also going to the Museum?.

    Hope you are having fun in your class Room 1.
    From Jennifer

  18. Hi room 1
    My name is Brandon I like your movie because you were confident and your Haka was great and loud. I liked the knuckle bones I haven't played knuckle bones since I was five

    By Brandon

  19. Hi room 1

    I love your movie and i loved how your song goes when you guys went to the musem did you enjoy it

  20. Hi Room1

    Thank you for doing this movie.
    We liked your dance and song.

    From Room 2 Panmure bRidge

  21. Room 1 Panmure Bridge School14 November 2012 at 14:34

    Hi Room 1,

    We loved your movie and your maori singing.

    Thank you

  22. Kia ora everyone in Room 1!

    What a great movie - you were all enthusiastic and excited. You have learnt some great new games that you can play (I bet many of your parents have played those games before! I know I have!), and I hope you learnt some new movie-making skills too.

    Well done, Tsana (Robin & Karl's mum)

  23. Hi Room 1,

    We really liked your movie because it looked like fun.

    From Jalen and Harlem From Pt England School in Room 11

  24. hi room1,that was a awesome movie,its nice to see everyone was enjoying themselves.

  25. Kia ora Room 1, You looked very smart in your uniforms. I enjoyed watching the games, they looked quite difficult but lots of fun. Did you need to spend a lot of time practising?

  26. Loved watching this, what a great effort team are definitely NUMERO UNO...

  27. Hi room 1
    I liked the games in the film but I think you can improve on video quality overall great though nice job.
    From Albert