Friday, 30 October 2015

At Kiwi Can Learning More about Respect and Resilience in Term 4

Today we learnt a new games at Kiwi Can. It was called the number game. We were given a number in our circle then we had to run around in our circle. When we stopped we had to number off again from 1 calling out our number and standing up.

We have also learnt to identify what we find hard at school Some of these things are skipping, doing a back-flip, hard words and listening. We said that we know they are hard for us because "we are still learning" BUT we must never give up-Keep On- Trust Yourself- Listen to your teacher-

Mr Numia asked "When we find something hard to do, should we give up?  No NO have Resilience.

Term 4 Room 1

Room 1 now has 27 children all working hard and trying hard with their learning and manners. We have been busy settling into Term 4 and some of our new students from Room 4 have been settling in but we are all trying to work hard together. We are all trying to earn lots of buttons for our rewards jar.

Here we all are with our new classmate and buddy We call her Koramarie Leybourne and she is the same age as us.