Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Orchestra Visit to Sacred Heart School

We had a fun time going to Sacred Heart College. We listened to the orchestra. It was the Aotea Youth Orchestra. We went onto the stage and were able to see and listen to all the different instruments.

The students who are selected from all over Auckland Secondary Schools played beautiful music.Here they are playing a double base which is part of the string section.
He is playing the piccolo. The piccolo is part of the wind section. The other instruments are the flute, clarinet, oboe.

Here they are playing the violins. The harp, violas. cello and double bass are all part of the string section of the orchestra. The string section is the largest part of the orchestra.

Here is the conductor. The conductor is very important to the orchestra because he keeps the orchestra in time and keeps them to the beat of their music.

Fun at our Clubs

Clubs have started again this term We are all able to go and learn different activities with our different teachers. The clubs we have are painting, science,dance,drums, film making, ukelele playing and swimming.

Here are some pictures of the swimming club. The swimming club goes to the Glen Innes Leisure Centre and Swimarama at Pamnure. They are getting really good at practising their swimming skills. They do kicking with the boards and practise their strokes to make them go fast through the water.

In the Pool and Karl getting ready to get into the pool

Samuel is swimming with his kick board  

Our Inquiry Day with the Junior -Our Beginning Classes

We talked about the different sea creatures and how we made them We could see our sea creatures and by looking at them you could see how we made them.
The new entrant class who had just started school drew really great sea-creatures and they had to write over the top of  the words octopus, fish, crab,seahorse, jellyfish 

The classes could see lots of sea creatures and rocky shore in our mural

Our Inquiry Day

We had our school inquiry day. It was great fun to go and visit all the other classes and see what everyone had been learning and that we could join in with all their learning too. We did lots of different activities in all the classes.

In our class we had a questionnaire for the other classes to follow and they filled it in with a partner. People helping in our class were Anastacia, Richie, Lewis, A.J, Viliami, Ngakiri. They were all great helpers and able to explain what everyone had to do.

The questionnaire meant that all the students had to find the answers from around our classroom and our displays and all the work we had done.

This was the questionnaire our class worked out to get others to find the answers from looking and joining in with all our room learning.
With a friend –find the answers to these questions
What do seahorses like to eat?______________________________________
Describe a sea creature you like?____________________________________

Name two parts of the fish?

What are the sea creatures that are caught in our net?

Which sea creatures have five legs?______________________________

Name six sea creatures ?__________________________________________

How did we make our sea creatures?_________________________________
Write down one different and interesting fact that you have learnt from here?____________________________________________________________