Friday, 29 June 2012

We did assembly this term, we showed our tapa cloth that we had made with many colours and brown grayons and dye. We acted out how you make the tapa cloth. We showed the action for collecting the bark from the trees, beating the bark, soaking the bark and scraping the bark with a shell. It was a great assembly.
This term we have been very busy doing many activities. We have had our Prac Teacher helping us and teaching us in the class. We now miss her very much. She did lots of great activities with us.

All the other classes on our visits

We are looking at the  slide show by Room 7 on South Africa. We learnt that they have porridge with a barbacue. Here are there special sausages that they have on barbacues as well.
Here is what we did in some other classes. This is the yeast experiment shown by Room 4 We know that yeast makes the bread rise but here you can see how fast it works by blowing up the balloon.

Our Class Visits

We have been learning about different countries. We visited other classes to see what they had done. Our class gave everyone Dutch Cinnamon Bread and showed all our work on the Netherlands. Other classes studied different countries like South Africa, Nuie, Samoa and Tonga. We had fun visiting the other classes and learning about other places. Here we are playing Tongan drums and looking at their work on Tonga

The Boy Who Stopped the Flooding

Stories from the Netherlands- The Boy Who Saved Haarlem     

I think that what happened at the end was that Peter stayed at the Dike for another night and the old man that Peter had gone to visit told Peters parents that he had gone on his way home. Peters mum and dad went to look for him when he didn't come home. Peter felt sick too because he was holding the wall up for a long time.
 My ending for the story -The Boy Who Saved Haarlem  by Davarni

Thursday, 28 June 2012

What Oma told us

Oma and Lisa came for a visit and we asked some questions and she said about the cheese. There is salt in it and you have to peel the wax off. Lisa wrote that the girls are not allowed to go up the steep stairs of the windmill because of their skirts
by Margaret

Oma's Visit
Lisa and Oma told us about different bread
by Fasi

Oma's Visit
The windmills make the flour. They make a lot of flour so the people eat the flour that makes the food.The flour makes lots of bread. The baker makes the bread from the flower. The baker needs flour and water and sugar. They mix them together and the baker puts it in the oven.
by Charlie

The Boy Who Saved Haarlem-
What I think happened at the end by Setaita
Peter had to stay for a day and for a whole week and night. He callled some on to help and no one came to help.

Our Stories

Oma had a visit to our class and she talked about Holland. There were different bread,chees and how the windmill worked.
By Vainikolo

Oma and Lisa's Visit
Oma told us that in the Netherlands there was heaps of water under the ground. It was freezing. There was lots of flooding so they built dikes.There was lots of flooding and heaps of people died so they built dikes.