Friday, 31 May 2013

Our Great Work in Beading Club

More club fun Look at what we have been doing.

A big smiley face on the wrist
Pretty on the wrist. Well done!

Clever Uliea

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Beading Club

We have made some great bracelets at beading club. Nunia is really good and she sometimes helps us with our threading. Salote made a great one but she had to start again when all her beads fell off the other end. Thanks Nunia
Nunia's Bracelet   

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Using simple mechanisms to make simple machines

Today we talked some more in class about simple mechanisms and we used all the boxes of L
ego to make a simple machine with simple mechanisms. Some of us had to use the screw-driver to screw in wheels and parts we needed.
Some of us put pulleys on our machines. Here is Francesca and she has a pulley attached to the top of her tower.
Others used ramps and levers and axles. We are going to describe what we did It was lots of fun and we concentrated really hard. 

The Duffy Show

Yesterday at school we were so lucky because the Duffy Show came to see us It was a really funny show and the three actors made us laugh and laugh.
Here are some pictures from the Duffy show. Duffy was telling us how important it is to read and to be able to read and how we are lucky if can speak another language.

At the end of the show some of the children got awards for excellent work in reading and writing. They got really great books to read as a prize
Well done to Duffy and well done to us.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Swing pulley

Here is the swing pulley that we could sit on when we were experimenting at Motat. You had to sit in the chair and pull on the rope above and you could go up and down.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Using Pulleys

This machine has a pulley. Trent is trying to work the pulley. He is having to turn the wheel to make the pulley work.

More simple mechanisms

Here is our cart that the group made with simple mechanisms. They used wheels,screws and axles fastened onto a big block for the body of the cart.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Using simple mechanisms

The teacher from Motat showed us the special work room. There were lots of displays and we could listen to her and use the equipment and simple mechanism and small machines in the room. We worked groups and put together our own machine.

Simple Mechanisms

We have been studying about simple mechanisms Some of the simple mechanisms we saw at Motat were

simple levers, axles, pulleys, inclined planes like ramps, and screws. We have been matching these by using pictures with words.

Here we can see the axles and screws that are used in the wheels

Margaret is enjoying working with the gears. She is putting parts on the model to make sure that they work around each other.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Our Stories on Visiting Motat

At Motat I saw the aeroplanes, It was fun. We had morning tea and went to the activity room with the teachers and parents. Then we went to look at the tanks and the pump station before we had lunch. Later we went back to school
Looking at the machines that drive the pump station. Looking for wheels, pullies, axles and levers

An older aeroplane
by Benedict

Yesterday we went to Motat to look at all the olden day stuff. We went to the aeroplanes and we looked at all the aeroplanes.
   by Candice

Using simple machines and mechanisms at Motat

We were able to try to make the wheel go around on this machine. Riza Dee is turning the handle and trying to make it work.It has screws and axles.

Our Clubs

We are all going to a club on Wednesday afternoons. We go fortnightly because there is so much school work for us to do and so many other activities. We had to chose which club we wanted to be in and the teachers and teacher aides all take the clubs. Our clubs are drums, Kapa haka, cooking, collage, painting, gardening, clay modelling ,Bollywood Dancing, Polynesian Dancing and beadwork.

Mrs Greenham takes Beadwork. Here you can see us all working on selecting our beads and putting our beads into a pattern.
Mrs Greenham showed us all the different types of beads and we had to chose which one we liked to make a bracelet. We were threading them on stretchy nylon and had to put a piece of plaster tape on the end so that they wouldn't fall off.
We all worked so so hard and had to concentrate hard too. It wasn't as easy as it looks but we had lots of fun and enjoyed it.

Monday, 20 May 2013

What we have been doing in room 1

So far this term......keep looking at the BLOG to find out more about all these events.............
At the obsrvatory
Travelwise-Learning about scoot time and how to be safe

clubs -bead club

Learning about keeping our environment clear and clean

Our class went to watch the production about keeping our water clean. This taught us that we have to be careful about what we put down our drains This water all goes into our lakes and seas.
Some of us joined in with the play> it was lots of fun to watch

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Picnic

The cart went to the picnic but by the time we got there the others had left.
Then we had to go and it was not fun.     by angel

The cart by Mathew
The cart was at Motat. I saw the cart and the train. The cart used to be pulled by a horse.