Monday, 16 April 2012

Busy bustling Term 1 Our Easter Assembly by Room 1

We have been busy learning about Easter. We wrote stories about Easter to present to the school for our assembly. We dressed up as Easter bunnies and did an Easter Bunny Dance, called Mrs Bunny. Here are some photos of us at our school assembly. Some of senior students showed their great aprons that they had made in sewing.
 They did  an awesome presentation too. Just like us.
 We made our bunny hats. We traced our ears and cut them out then Mrs Greenham stapled them onto a band and the band had to be measured to go around our head and stapled. We got to keep our ears. We had on painted rabbit noses and whiskers. Mrs Greenham used her red and pink lipsticks for our nose colouring and her eyeliner for our whiskers. We looked real cool and the dance was good fun too.
Here we are ready to read our Easter stories from our Easter egg. We pasted our stories onto the back of our decorated Easter eggs. They were awesome. We used our own bright patterns and glitter to decorate them. Well done Room 1.
Here are some of the great Aprons that the Senior School Students made in their sewing class.

Room 1 Term 1 Have Fun

Room 1 have been so so busy this term. Here are some more swimming sports pictures.
We were able to practise our swimming skills that we had learnt at our swimming sports.It was a bright sunny day and everyone participated.