Friday, 23 August 2013

Our Wet Lunch-times

When it is wet at lunch time we get to do lots of activities in our class. Some of us get to go on the computer. Other can draw, read and make mechanisms with the lego or blocks in our room. We also have many games and puzzles...

Tangimetua Completed this Puzzle.....He worked very hard ......

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Patting Stewart

We got to pat Stewart. He was very kind and patient with us and showed us his nice nature. We learnt where his harness would go when he wore it. Stewart is a very clever and intelligent Guide dog and he is the father of many other Guide Dogs.

Stewart the Guide Dog

We are listening to Stewart's handler, Kelly tell us about Stewart. She showed us how he could shake paws and go backwards. We all thought Stewart was lovely and very clever.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

This term we have been very busy in Room 1 and a lot of us have been absent because we have been sick. Our teacher has been sick too. We had a visit from a Guide Dog last week. The dog's handler Kelly, brought the dog to our class, and Mrs Greenham got Kelly to take the labrador Guide Dog, Stewart, to the other Junior Classes. We couldn't call out at Stewart, as Kelly told us Stewart
would get confused with too many people calling out his name.Kelly told us all about Stewart's training He is a very obedient dog and he helps people who cannot see. He helps the blind person go to the shops, go on the bus, and go to many other places. The guide dogs can even go on the aeroplanes with their owners.

Van Gogh and different artists

We have been learning about Van Gogh and his different art styles. He was a very famous artist and also had many friends who were artists who used the same style as him. We have been looking at flowers and sketching them and then reproducing the picture in pastel.