Friday, 24 August 2012

Sound by Room 1

Sound!!!!!!! sound!!!!!!!!sound!!!!!!!sound!!!!! by Room 1
We are studying sound and different sound and how sound is made. We made telephones from plastic cups and string so we can see how sound travels. It was lots of fun. We worked with a partner and put a hole in the bottom of the cup to put the string through We had to tie knots in the end of the string so the string would stay and we could join it to the next cup.

 Here we threaded through the string

We talked through our phones to each other.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

The Best and Wonderful Strips of Aotearoa

My strip of Aotearoa looks colourful. the colours of my patterns are red,blue,green and yellow and also I used brown and purple and light green. I thought my work was fabulous. When we dried it it looked like a rainbow and the colourful clothes that I wear to church.
By Serina

My Dye Work by Loto
On my dye work I put some Maori patterns. I use some colourful colours. I use heaps of patterns and steps.My colours were pink, green,blue,yellow, brown and purple. It was fun doing our strips of Aotearoa. I thought it was fabulous. I liked the wave that colour.

The Best Dyed Strips of Aotearoa

Litia's Strip
I have lots of patterns in my strip I have a blue sea with the hammerhead shark and a white mountain with green and brown earth. My sun is yellow in a blue sky.

Vainikolos Strip
My picture has orange, pink,yellow,green and blue. My picture is lovely because it is dyed.

Paul's Large Dyed Strip
I was painting on my strip and the colours into my shape. I used brown and  yellow and blue and green. After I was making patterns. In my patterns I used circlesas spirals and diamonds for the patiki

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Large Dyed Strip by Alex and Charlie

My picture was colourful. After I used dye, it looked wonderful.
by Alex
We used black vivids for the lines. Green dye for mountains. yellow for my sun and red for my sunset. I thought my picture was fabulous and the flowers were too.The earth was brown, the sea is blue, coming up to the green.
by Charlie

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Large Dyed Strips of Aotearoa by Whairoa, Ritza-Dee and Fasi

My picture was a strip of a hill and a sun. We used dye and thin brushes
By Whairoa

My strip has lots of patterns and I used lots of colours with the dye. That made my Maori patterns look great.
by Fasi

I used lots of great dye colours in my strip starting with the pink earth and mount and big yellow mountains with the blue sky and the yellow sun with pink sunset
by Ritza Dee

Monday, 20 August 2012

Fantastic Big dyed strips by Newsam, Danny,

My strip ofAotearoa that I put outside to be dried had lots of colours. We had painted our patterns with dye to be beautiful.
By Newsam

The water starts coming down first and it goes all the way from the top. The mountains went up to the sky. It went high up to the sun. My picture was colourful and beautiful. I paint my strip and I use green and red and all of the colours. I let it dry because it has some colours already on it. I like using the dye.
By Danny

Friday, 17 August 2012

Angelina's Large Dyed Strip

My strip has a green mountain and a sun with curls. After that I dyed the sea with blue. My picture is lovely and colourful because I chose orange for the curls around my sun. In the blue sea is a hammer-head shark and I have a patiki too I have bigh mountains and other Maori patterns
By Angelina

Newsam's Large Strip of Aotearoa

We painted our patterns with different dyes to be beautiful. I put that outside to be dried We painted all our patterns and used many colours.
By Newsam

Our big dyed strip

I dyed the sun and the clouds and the ground. I dyed my mountains and rau green. We painted all of the picture and patterns. I used lots of blue dye.
By Setaita

Thursday, 16 August 2012

On Tuesday I dyed my strip. I put lots of colours on my strip. I wore and old shirt. I put heaps of patterns on it. It was fun dyeing our strip. when it was finished it was colourful. It looked like a rainbow.My strip had Maori patterns -a marama and a koru. My strip was fabulous.
By Robin

Our Dyed Strips of Aotearoa

We did our smaller pastel strips of Aotearoa for practise and to understand Earth to Sky pictures. We included the Maori symbols that we had learnt into our pictures especially the koru pattern. The koru pattern is very important in New Zealand. We also did a pencil sketch first for our very big strip, just as we had done for our smaller pastel strips. We went over our outline with black vivids. This was important as it made the dividers for our different dye colours. These dyed strips were very, very big and we spent a lot of time doing these carefully. We could use many different and beautiful coloured dyes. We concentrated hard and produced excellent colourful work.

Monday, 13 August 2012

I used lots of pastels and lots of colours My mountain reached the sun.Mrs Greenham said my work was great.
By Alex

Friday, 10 August 2012

Our Pastel Strips of Aotearoa

I have used the yellow pastel for the sand with blue for the waves of the sea. The earth has made a rainbow going up to the orange sun. I have used many different colours.
Mrs Greenham says I have put lots of thought into the colours and it looks great. Well done Margaret

On my strip of Aotearoa patterns is the patikis and korus. It is earth to sky and my colours are yellow,blue, brown and green.The sun has orange circles. Mrs Greenham says my work is excellent and it shows earth to sky wonderfully.
Well done Trent.

`My strip of Aotearoa with the colours of yellow and green and brown and blue and dark blue. I made a sun and earth and waves. Mrs Greenham said this is great work.
By Mckenzie

I have a green mountain with the sun on top with orange sunshine. I used pastel. Mrs Greenham says I worked really well. Excellent work Alex

Charlie's Picture of Aotearoa

My strip goes from Earth to Sky. There is the patiki pattern down at the bottom in the Earth with the leaves in the Earth reaching to the green korus and the sun in the yellow.We used pastel. Mrs Greenham said that I used my pastels really well and used great colours to show the differences between the Earth to Sky. Mrs Greenham said Excellent work Charlie, you worked really hard on your piece.
by Charlie

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Our Strips of Aotearoa

I used lots of blue in my strip of Aotearoa. I used the koru pattern. I used lots of blue pastel. You can see the sun. mrs Greenham said my work is well done with the pastel and fantastic.
By Riza-Dee

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

My Aotearoa starts with the earth and has a blue sky with a mountain and the sun with lots of korus. I liked using the pastels on my picture but it was hard as there was lots to do.Mrs Greenham said I used the pastels in one direction.
Well done Excellent work Danny

Loto's Strip of Aotearoa

My strip of Aoteaora has got steps hikau and one mountain. I used pastels.It has a hammer-head shark pattern and a wave -the whati- Mrs Greenham says it is excellent.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Fasi's Aotearoa

This is my strip of Aotearoa. I have put in blue waves with green mountains and a big marama.
Mrs Greenham says I used my pastels really well and this is great work. Well done Fasi!

Angelina's Aotearoa

My strip has a sky and a sun with brown,green earth. My trees are green. I have the koru on my picture. The mountains are green. My sun has lines around it. I have used the koru pattern. My waves have a hammerhead shape of mangapore and the fish shape called patiki. Mrs Greenham said it was a great design and lots of colours. Excellent work Angelina.
By Angelina

Friday, 3 August 2012

Our Strips of Aotearoa

Here you can see an example of the sketch of Aotearoa. We have been learning about Rangi and Papa and other Maori legends. We have practised dtafts sketches to make our strips of Aotearoa which shows the earth meeting the sky. We used lots of Maori symbols in our work. Some we used were the Patiki, fish pattern, the Marama or the moon, the steps and leaves or Rau and the hammer-head shark pattern.


Setaita’s  Pastel
I used blue koru waves going into the sand with mawhai  curls and the green mountains with the rau sign for leaves and a bright orange moon or marama. Mrs Greenham said that I used the pastels really well and lots of colours.
By Setaita