Thursday, 31 May 2012

We have been having lots of interesting activities and had lots of a visitors to our school and to our classroom. The Tamaki College Choir came to sing to us. They had beautiful voices and sang beautifully. We rocked and clapped along too. Some of the choir members sang and played for us as a group.They sang "Forever Young" They sounded like singers from New Zealand has talent.We thought the whole performance was awesome. They played the drums and sang and this was really great We really liked the beat.

We all really thought they could sing well and it was wonderful that they could come and share their talent with us

Monday, 21 May 2012

Making Tapa Cloth

We are learning to about Making Tapa Cloth. Each cloth is special to our culture. We had drawn plant and flower pictures. When we did this we used a chalk outline, We coloured inside our chalk outline. We decided that we would make our pictures into replica Tapa Cloth by joining all our pictures together. Our Tapa Cloth would be very big but we knew that we would have to use more browns and blacks for our cloth replica. We used brown crayons on our pictures too and brown dye, The pictures dried then we used black pastels as an outline and scrutched up the picture to make it look crinkly just like the cloth looks.                                              
                            Here are our wonderful tapa patterns all ready to be joined together.                                   

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Here are our pictures of the Family Treasures. Mrs Plessius and Robin are showing their family quilt

In Term 2 We are studying all about our Family Treasures.Some of us have  bought along our Family Treasures to show our class. We also wrote exciting stories about our Family Treasures. Our Family Treasures are precious, special and in our stories they became magic and could help us do many exciting activities.

Robin bought along his Teddy Bear Quilt and his mum showed us her Wedding Quilt that her mum had made her.
Our Flower Stories and Making Kebabs for Our Own Grown Food Sharing Day

The Swan Plant for food for the Caterpillars by Davarni
In the garden we planted the swan plant and then Mrs Greenham dug a hole and then she put the plant in the hole and she put soil and leaves on top of it and it has a long green stem. The Monarch butterfly is on the plant and it has big wings and it is going to fly away

The flowers by Charlie
We plant the lovely flowers. The flowers are in the garden. When the flowers grow the butterflies will come. We went to the garden and we saw some caterpillars and a butterfly and the caterpillar came out from the eggs. They come from the eggs.

The Plants and Flowers by Setaita
The plants and flowers need water and sunlight and air so they can grow. 

The flower by Whaiora
My flower is in the wheelbarrow under the big ladder. It is a Petunia

My flower by Danny

My flower has so many colourful flowers on the stem. The leaves come out of the stem. the garden is in the soil to give them water and sunlight and nutrients so they can grow. They grow into a plant.

The sunflower by Margaret
My sunflower needs sun, water and love. My sunflower grows in the soil with spiders, worms and beetles.

The Plants by Riza -Dee
I dug the plants 

AS part of our Plant Study we made Fruit Kebabs for our Shared Lunch Day

Here are all the Kebabs that we made. We made about 200 Kebabs and they all got eaten. We made them from pears,bananas and melon and put a marshmallow on each one. They tasted real yummy.We wrote about "Making Kebabs"
Room One has been very busy in Term 1 Studying all about Plants.

Here are some of our stories about plants

My flowers are a plant and they are a bush. They are pink and green, It has very big green leaves. I feed it water and sun so it can grow very big and tall. The bees pollinate it so the bees can make honey.
by Robin

My flower by Mckenzie
Planting by Paul
We dug a hole. I looked at the soil. I took the plant out.

My flower by Loto
My flower is in my garden. It is in an orange pot. My other plant is big and it has lemon on it. It needs water and sun. There are other flowers on my plant. They are called daisies

My flower by Alex
I can see the orange petals on my flower.

My sunflower by Fasi
My sunflower was in the garden.
The Swan Plant by Fasi
I planted the swan plant in the garden

My sunflower by Trent
My Sunflower is big and long. It needs everything. I water my flower every day.
It has a long stem.

My flower by Serina
My flower is purple and dark pink. It has petals all over them. It is pretty and nice.
I water my flowerand I give it plant food. I give it warmth.

My flower by Angelina
My flower is in a pot and it is tall enough. When it is flat I water it. It is a beautiful plant and some bees come and get some honey for their family then they go to the plant next door. There are lots of flowers and they are colourful.

The Swan Plant by Newsam
We had a swan platn from Mrs Greenham. Mrs Greenham dug the soil. We put the swan plant in the hole, After that we went to class.

The Sunflower by Genesis
The sunflower is long.

On the Swan Plant by Litia
Yesterday I saw a butterfly on the swan plant. I saw the chrysalis hatching on the swan plant 
My flower by Litia
My flower is white I like it. This flower gets bigger and bigger.