Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Hungry Giants

This film is based on a story written by Joy Cowley 'The Hungry Giants'. The giants in the story are very demanding and want bread, butter and honey. The village people try to help but all are chased by the bees.


  1. I like your villages and you are really good big hungry giants. You boys are really funny.

    From lotu

  2. i would like to say that this is a cool video

  3. Hi room 1
    I really like your villages and your creative bread and butter. The thing I mostly like was your bobby knockers and your bee hive . keep it up

  4. Hello Room 1, the buildings look amazing. I like how the 4 hungry giants ran away from the bees when they tried to get some honey. This movie is funny and cool. Keep up the good work.

  5. Hi room 1 you movie was great and it was
    funny so great job room 1

  6. good work guys your movie is really awesome!!!.

  7. Hello Room 1,
    What a great movie! I love the props you made - the houses (especially the Glenbrae General Store) and the masks and beehives! How long did it take you to make them all?
    Tsana (Robin & Karl's mum)

  8. Hello rm 1 this is a good video

  9. Hello room one.
    This is Wiremu from P.B.S
    I like your guys video it very creative and it seemed fun making this video.
    Keep up the hard work rm1

  10. Hello there,

    I enjoyed watching your movie. The actors did a great job. Well done room 1

  11. Hey! Room 1
    Great job on the movie! the characters were great at acting.
    Keep up the hard work! :)

    Room 10

  12. Hello Room One

    What an awesome movie! Fantastic work everyone, that was really enjoyable to watch. It was great seeing everyone playing their roles and having fun. You all deserve a standing ovation. Well done!!

    Miss Teleso :)

  13. I really like the way you big hungry giants got into action
    good one

  14. Hi! I’m Ana. I really enjoyed watching your movie. You have a great choice of music. I love the idea of making the houses out of cardboard rather than using real houses. Also, I was wondering how you came up with that idea? Please answer my question when you can.