Friday, 28 September 2012

Our Inquiry Unit Morning viewing in Room 7 and Game Fun in Room 8

Here we are watching the video that Christian had put together on his netbook. We saw how they did Maori tattooing. After that we did lots of looking in groups at the other children's netbooks.

Here we are using the spinners in Room 7 Woow look our parents are having great fun too. We all got to have a turn.
Here one of the clever students from Room 7 is showing us how to begin using the other spinner and she told us how we could make them too.

We are doing the stick games. They were so much fun and Mrs S turned on the tape and we did it in time to the Music. We all had a turn on our rotations.
We also played knuckle bones so we were kept really busy trying so many new games....we had real kucklebones here but in our class we had collected stones.
Our parents joined in with us too. They were really enjoying their day too. We love it when our parents come and see all our interesting activities.