Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Orchestra Visit to Sacred Heart School

We had a fun time going to Sacred Heart College. We listened to the orchestra. It was the Aotea Youth Orchestra. We went onto the stage and were able to see and listen to all the different instruments.

The students who are selected from all over Auckland Secondary Schools played beautiful music.Here they are playing a double base which is part of the string section.
He is playing the piccolo. The piccolo is part of the wind section. The other instruments are the flute, clarinet, oboe.

Here they are playing the violins. The harp, violas. cello and double bass are all part of the string section of the orchestra. The string section is the largest part of the orchestra.

Here is the conductor. The conductor is very important to the orchestra because he keeps the orchestra in time and keeps them to the beat of their music.

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