Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Learning how important it is 'take care of ourselves'

We have been working with Constable Jud learning about how to keep ourselves safe.

We have to know our address and phone number to help us learn our addresses and phone numbers we wrote out the street and street number. We made a letterbox so we could paste our addresses and phone numbers on them and decorate them.

Here is Joshua working hard on his letterbox. He picked a grey shoebox and cut a hole in the front to post the letters. He put a roof on the top and a hollow ring to put other brochures and newspapers in. He decorated his letterbox with words and colourings and stars.

Here is Ali Joh. He is writing out his address and phone number for his letterbox. He chose a black letter box and put a red roof on it.
Here are some of our wonderful letterboxes. We worked hard but we still have to remember our addresses and phone numbers so we can tell others if we ever got lost.

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