Wednesday, 11 February 2015

More Stories by Us

Our Wet Fun Day Stories

Sponges by Tui
Water Fun Day was fun. I did passing the sponges.

Sliding by Mayleah
I like when I went to the slide. It was fun.

Cups of Water by Gideon
Today is Water Fun Day. I went down the water slide and put cups of water in the bins.

Fun By Tempest
Water Fun Day was fun.
The slide was slippery.

Down the Slide              
By Renata
I went to the slide and I
went down.

I Got  Wet  by Pinomi
Today is Monday and it was
Water Fun Day and I got

A   Perfect Day by
Today  was perfect. It was
fun because it was Water
Fun Day. We were running and splashing ourselves. We               We were wet.   

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