Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Our Stories and Photos on Wet Fun Day

On t    
   Th     Slide By Penelope
I like playing on the slide. I like sliding down. It had water.
Fun by Mason

Water Fun Day was fun because we put lots of water in the bins for our houses.

Water Fun Day by Jodacei
Today, Monday, the water slide was fun.
Cups  by  Jack
Today on Monday, we had our Water Fun Day. We had partners to hold each cup. Then we bought water in each of our cups.

On the Plank by Jayden
On Monday it was Water Fun Day. I had a cup in my hand and I walked across the plank.

Fun on the slide by Maria
When we were playing with the water we had lots of fun. We had lots of fun on the slide.
It was fun. It was like doing swimming.

The Winners  By Joshua
On Monday we had lots of water fun. We went down the slide. Rata and Kauri won.

Running to the Bins by Ngaire
Today is Monday. It is Water Fun Day. We ran to the bins with some cups of water. We ran to our friends.

Lots of Fun by Jino

Today I had a good time. The best time was the slide


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