Friday, 29 May 2015

We learnt about Biplanes


The Biplane went down and the pilot is making the biplane stop.
By Maria

This is the War in 1915. My biplane is going to destroy another plane.
by Mayleah

One man flies the biplane to fight other planes.
By Tui

The pilots are shooting the enemy
By Renata

This is the Red Baron’s Biplane. He shot down lots of other
By Gideon           

The Biplane is camouflaged.
By Jino

The Biplane is flying high in the sky during the First World  War.
By Jack

This plane is used for shooting  other planes down.
By Josh                     
The plane was used in the First World War.
By Victoria
My biplane is high up in the sky. By Ali-Jon

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