Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Tuesday Club Day -Senior Cooking Club

Senior Cooking meets in the staffroom to cook with Mrs Greenham. We are all cooking for the healthy Cooking Club.

Our first cooking time we made stuffed baked potatoes. Once our potatoes were cooked we had to cut them in half.

We then scooped out the middle of the potato making sure did it carefully so we still had the potato skin to put the mixture back into.We mixed the potato insides with the bacon that Baden had cut up and cooked for us and also the spring onions that Candice cut up. We added a little bit of milk, cottage cheese and cream cheese. We had a good stir of all the ingredients in the bowl.

We had to watch and listen carefully to instructions so that we knew what to do

Mixing all the ingredients together

Once we had filled our potatoes skin with all the ingredients we sprinkled cheese over the top. 
We put these back in the oven to bake and warm up so that the cheese melted.
They tasted yummy and we had a big feast.

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