Thursday, 23 July 2015

Why is it important to do our home reading-Lots of reading during the holidays-

In Room 1 we did a lot of reading in the holidays. We each took home a yellow form and most of us bought them back to school with the list of books that we had read during the holidays. Mrs Greenham and Mrs Kelly were so pleased.

It is important to do our reading at home because:

It helps us remember and use what we did in class-

It helps us with our spelling and to be be able to read with expression

It helps us read fluently and to recognise words

It helps us sound through words

It helps us to look at the meaning of the story and think if what we are reading makes sense

There are so many reasons to do our reading !!!

All our reading lists of the books we read in the holidays.

Can you think of some other reasons for doing lots of reading at home.

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