Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Our Hungry Giant Narratives

Bommy Knockers by Tupoe

The Giants hit the beehive with their bommy knockers and kill the bees.

Taking the Honey by Penelope

The Giants go back and take all the honey from the bees

We drew the honey pots and described the honey

More Bread by Keio
The Giants need more bread and they want more bread. They find some more bread and they share it with each other.

Happy Giants by Lewis
The Giants had run home. They ate their dinner together and they feel happy.

Scared Giants by Shining
The Giants were scared of the bees. Next the bees zoomed out and the Giants ran all the way back to the village but they had very sore bottoms from where the bees stung them. They had to go to the doctor.

Zooming Bees by Richie
The Bees zoomed out of the Beehives and followed the Giants all the way home 
Our Hungry Giants Village with all the Village People

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