Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Hands on for Intensive Oral Language

Mrs Adcock showing us the contents of the Chocolate cake mixture 
This morning we looked at lots of food products All the Junior School were put into seven groups and we went from table to table with our teacher. We looked at how much sugar was in our foods and what is written on the packets and jars We had to guess what foods had more sugar. It was really fun. We looked at raw sugar and salt too.
Looking at the marmite and jam

                                          Miss Lily showing us the Tomato Sauce and the chocolate bar.
                                          She is reading the 'Contents"on the Mayonnaise Jar

                                          Here is the Cocoa Cola. It has one cup of sugar in it.

                                        We saw and could touch lots of different foods and look
                                           at packets. This is all of us moving from table to table. 
                                        We all learnt heaps with our eyes, ears and listening to our
                                            teachers as well as being able to touch the goodies on 
                                                                      the tables.

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