Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Hungry Giant

Part of the village where the Hungry Giants were:

We made a village with Whaea Grace and Mrs Greenham for our  film story.

We also wrote Narrative Endings to the story so that we had solved a problem for our Giants or the Bees or the Villagers

We discussed all the words we would need for our story and had a brainstorm and a wordbank that we could use while we were writing
We all shared ideas about what could happen in our narrative at the end -what the problem was and how this could be overcome or solved
Mrs Greenham wrote these ideas as a model for us and we read them over -we shared our ideas orally with each other
We wrote our own narrative with the use of the wordbank topic words, word card and from all the modelling and sharing our ideas with our partners before we wrote

THE GIANTS RUN AWAY by Kue'a Ma'asai
The Giant saw the beehives and the giants smashed the beehive and then the bees came and chased the Giant and the bees stang the Giants bottom. The Giants held onto their bottoms and ran and ran and kept running forever far away.

The people look everywhere for the honey but they saw a beehive. Instead of getting some honey the Giants told the people to break up the beehives then the angry bees came out of the beehive and had nowhere to live.


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