Monday, 10 August 2015

Our Inquiry Day from Last Terms Studies

The soldier in salute
We all presented our Inquiry Studies from our last terms work which was on The Anzac Memorials for the 100 Years Remembrance and the countries where our some of our Grandparents. We are also studying the areas in New Zealand that that were settled by them. For example we are looking at ScoTland. We studied where the country is and then looked at Dunedin as a lot of Scots settled in Dunedin. Room 5 studied France and looked at Akaroa on the Peninsula near Christchurch. This study also helps us know many regions in New Zealand. We are continuing to study our special country this term.

This is a display on the French Festivals. We can see what French people like to celebrate and how they celebrate.

Look at our great work that was displayed in the hall for our parents to view, We all got to look at all the other classes work too and learn a lot from each classes presenters.
Work displayed on World War One

Our Remberance Poppies and World War 1 and World War 11 vehicles. We made sketches and collage pictures

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