Friday, 10 May 2013

Excellent recounts i-My Visit to Motat

Yesterday we went to Motat. We saw a lot of carts and horses that take milk to the people. We also had morning tea and then we went around looking. I saw a lot from the past like houses and old shops. After that we could go to the earthquake zone. It shook and shook. We pressed the red button to stop it. I went on the spinner. I got dizzy. Our group went to the activity room. We used the pulley and you could sit on it and pull yourself up. There were other activities too using gears, levels wheels and lots of simple mechanisms.

by Davarni

A machine with lots of gears and levers and gauges

We saw lots of things at Motat, we saw fire engines, old cars and aeroplanes and we went to the hall that was full of activities and we had fun. After that we went on the tram that was fun. We went to the bus and went back to school and after that I felt happy. I had a neat day.

By Margaret