Monday, 6 May 2013

Our second trip to Motat -simple mechanisms-

Our Second Trip to Motat
We got the big blue bus to Motat. It was raining so we all went into one room to have our morning tea first. I had yummy crackers. Our Educator Teacher for Motat came and got us. We went to a special playroom full of many activities for us to use.
In the school activity room we used pulleys, screws and many simple mechanisms. Once we had tried many different activities and tried to make the small mechanisms work we  went around Motat with our special mums looking for the simple mechanisms in the machines.
We had lunch then went into the challenge room. The earthquake booth was very exciting. We had to sit down and then the little room would shake.
We got on the tram at 1 o’clock. The tram driver told us we had to stay in our seats and he explained how the tram worked. We got off at the other end and went into the aeroplane hangar. We saw many fantastic large aeroplanes. We had to get back on the tram and go back to Motat. We went into the big room and used all the axles, pulleys, screws and all the other simple mechanisms. It was huge fun making everything work.

We had to look for all the simple mechanisms in the big machines