Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Scoot skills

We learnt lots from Scoot skills and we shared our scooters We were with room 5. We took turns and went around the cone, practising what Delia had shown us.

We had talked about using a helmet, knee pads and arm pads. Delia also talked to us about using a helmet, knee pads and arm pads and being very careful and using our eyes and staying aware.

In our class we made up collage pictures of scooters and showed all the parts of the scooter. It was cool fun cutting out paper and sticking it onto make our scooter shapes with us scooting. We have also used important phrases and words in our writing

Scooting........Hold the handles....Go slowly and carefully.........Watch out for cars and people....
Watch out for sneaky driveways.......Watch out for all traffic .......Stop ...step off the scooter 1,2,3
Use the brake 


  1. You look like you know what you're doing on the scooter Charlie. Well done!

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