Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Our Clubs

We are all going to a club on Wednesday afternoons. We go fortnightly because there is so much school work for us to do and so many other activities. We had to chose which club we wanted to be in and the teachers and teacher aides all take the clubs. Our clubs are drums, Kapa haka, cooking, collage, painting, gardening, clay modelling ,Bollywood Dancing, Polynesian Dancing and beadwork.

Mrs Greenham takes Beadwork. Here you can see us all working on selecting our beads and putting our beads into a pattern.
Mrs Greenham showed us all the different types of beads and we had to chose which one we liked to make a bracelet. We were threading them on stretchy nylon and had to put a piece of plaster tape on the end so that they wouldn't fall off.
We all worked so so hard and had to concentrate hard too. It wasn't as easy as it looks but we had lots of fun and enjoyed it.