Tuesday, 18 June 2013

More cupcake stories

We made cupcakes with flour and 2 eggs. We mixed it. It looked yummy.
By Sioeli
First we made cupcakes Next we put it in the patty cases. It was yummy.
By Angel
When we made cupcakes we put in some flour. We put in sugar. We put in some baking powder. Then we went to put them in the oven. It smelt delicious. When we got them out it smelt sweet.
By Setaita
On Monday Room One made cupcakes in Mrs Greenhams backroom. We used butter, and water and we melted the butter and we put in some water . We used a bowl and butter and raisins and sugar and little eggs. We mixed it together and at morning tea we iced them and sprinkled the cupcakes and then we ate the cupcakes.
By Trent

First we get 2 eggs and icing and a bowl and a cup with milk. It was fun
by McKenzie
Looks yummy. I made it with the egg, milk, sugar mixture.
by Tui
On Monday we made cupcakes and we put in butter,milk and we mix it. We used the teaspoon. We put it into the patty cases.
By Tangimetua
My cupcakes are yummy. I put in 2 eggs and 4 cups of flour. We mix it.
By Matthew
On Monday wade cupcakes. We put in 2 eggs and raisins.
By Mele
On Monday we made cup cakes. We put in all the ingredients . First we put in flour. Next we put in 2 eggs then we put it in the patty cases then we put the cupcakes in the oven.
by Benedict
We made it with 2 eggs and butter and we mixed it.
By Francesca
On Monday we made cupcakes with sprinkles on top. We made it and we ate them.It was yummy and we tasted it and it was fun.
By Candice.

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