Tuesday, 25 June 2013

What we created

This term we have four new lego kits. We have one in each class and we rotate them because these kits help us to build the vehicles and machines we have been talking about in our Inquiry Unit on Transport The kits also have simple mechanisms in them which help the machines and vehicles we build work.
Here are some of our great stories about what we have built and how we built it :

My machine
I put the glass doors on the big block and the people.
by Jed

My Car by Mele
First I made a car and I put in a wheel and wall of the car and a person

My Double Decker bus by Uliea

I used lots of lego pieces with wheels to make a double-decker bus. There were girls and boys and my cousins in my double-decker bus.

My Jet Plane by Charlie

I used heaps of lego pieces to make my jet plane. It goes fast and it has boosters and wings.

My Tow Truck by George

I put lots of blocks together. Next I made the people sit on the truck. It worked with a pulley.
My Digging Machine by Mahaleah

I put on the wheel first. Next I put on the light, then I put on the shovel and the man.

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